An Underrated Binibini 8 Shane Tormes

One of the girls that were a surprise performer during the press presentation was Binibini 8 Marie Shery Ann Quintana Tormes. When I did my 3rd leaderboard, on the last two spots I had three names Agatha Romero, Wynonah Buot and Shane Tormes. It was an oversight that Sashes&Scripts overlooked her performance in the PP hence I’d like to correct that in today’s blog.

The 5’7″ Shane is a fermer sale account executive. Shane should easily be one of the girls that you should remember in the competition as she was one of the standouts during the Talent competition weeks ago. The 26 year old belted out her rendition of the Aretha Franklin classic, (You make Me Feel) Natural Woman. As a matter of fact, because she was such a surprise belter she might be one of the three girls that could romp away with that special award.

Fast-forward to the press presentation, where she was one with the more polished and energetic walks among the 40 candidates. This should not be a surprise as she is a pageant veteran on her own right. The Albayana is 1st runner up in Miss Hannah’s Eco Tourism Philippines in 2016 and Miss Mandaluyong 2nd Runner Up last year. She also participated in several other regional pageants like Miss Bicolandia and Mutya ng Daragang Magayon. She also tried her luck in Miss Philippines Earth.

With a heavy and competitive batch this year, it is easy to overlook certain candidates. With the underdogs performing just as much as the darkhorses and frontrunners in the competition, we certainly have to be more discerning of the girls. Shane certainly is one of those that could surprise us come finals.


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