The 3rd Sashes&Scripts Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Leaderboard Pt.1

Another 2 part write-up on the girls that I believed to have performed well since the second leaderboard posted a week ago. The third leaderboard is based from feedback from colleagues and pageant insiders who were inside the Monet Ballroom of the Novotel Hotel in Cubao.

Not surprisingly, a number of girls opted for the high ponytail this year for the press presentation, I blame that on Ena Velasco in her Taras Bulba hairstyle during the talent segment last week. A notable few slid down in my list with weak walks and stage presence. But a few new surprises made it into my list. Without further a do, here are the second half of the 3rd leaderboard.
16. Agatha Romero – a surprise on my list as I got to remember her among the 40 girls in the competition. The straight hair should be kept for the finals competition as it adds more to her charisma.
15. Wynonah Buot – the bussom-y Cebuana was perfect from the neck up. Her walk was a let down and could use more training on the walking.
14. Angelica Corbe – I was told that she had one of the best walks from KF and she did deliver. Her walk is a tad more controlled and regal compared to other girls in her camp, though she still could benefit from a little more polish on having a more commanding presence.

13. Ahtisa Manalo – fresh faced and full of presence. She upstaged a number of girls from her camp despite being one of the youngest in the group.
12. Jehza Huelar – finally, we see a glimmer of the Jehza that we all expect to see in competition form. Not yet at her most impressive but this is a good start.
11. Sandra Lemonon – strong stage presence and a better strut than a number of her fellow campmates  bolstered her in the list. Big curls looked great on her although more polish is needed on her poses.
10. Karen Gallman – definitely one of the standouts. I hope that she keeps on consistently improving as there are times where other girls steal her thunder.
9. Sigrid Grace Flores – this girl brought her A-game in the press presentation. Although she did a bit too much poses (should stick to a max of 4 poses) she nevertheless milked her time onstage. She is channeling some Dianne Necio vibes according to some of my moles inside the venue.


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