The 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Rumor Mill!

I thought I’m done doing rumor mills with Binibining Pilipinas for this month but it seems that the gossips just can’t stop from landing on my lap. I have several insiders that has given me juicy notes that could tide us up until the next salvo of Bb. Pilipinas activities.

* There is an observation from a BBP insider that a certain group of girls doesn’t seem to know proper pageant decorum when it comes to sponsor visits. Instead of mingling and going friendly to everyone in one of the staff visits, this group of candidates are seen only amongst ladies from their same camp. Several of the staffs noticed that and rather than engage to get photos from these girls, they avoided them instead.
* Apparently, there are a couple of girls who did not come in prepared to the Binibining Pilipinas national costume shoot. They reportedly came with either an unfinished natcos or that their costume didn’t bear any resemblance to that of the sketch that they submitted. It is not surprising that those two costumes were reportedly rejected.
* A number of the candidates this year presented their national costume sketches through their phones or tablet. So when a candidate presented hers with a complete colored sketch with fabric swatches, the BPCI panel was impressed. One of the BPCI managers even showed the rest of the candidates the sketch to show how a natcos is presented properly.
* The national costume shoot is rumored to be simpler than last year. A simple white backdrop is made to make sure that the colorful national costumes will be the focal point.
* One of our moles has confirmed some of the insider buzz about the national costume/s that were leaked online this year. Our mole said that several of the girls who had either selfies or photos of their natcos that were posted online were ‘scolded’ by BPCI. This is why Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts were adamant in releasing any of the leaked photos because there are rumors even from previous years that it will be the candidates that will get scolded, not the designers/ fans who posted them.
* This one is still to be clarified as I have some doubts regarding the sources of this ‘chismis’. The Bb. Pilipinas finals swimsuit is said to be a one-piece swimsuit that would be a ‘tribute to Pitoy Moreno’. Another conflicting rumor says that the girls would have an option to wear a two-piece.
* With regards to the swimsuit glamshots, our told us to expect something in the lines of a Miss Universe glamshot. The mole even mentioned something about flowers, gold or mustard swimsuits, and large chunky gold accessories. This is actually exciting and hopefully it will be of Miss Venezuela level in terms of concept.
* Some girls who had ‘difficulties’ with several designers with their national costumes are said to be worried about their evening gowns for the pageant. In some instances, their pageant camp/s are the ones that assign which designer would dress up which candidate/s. This doesn’t go well with some of the girls who would get last minute gowns, or gowns that don’t look like the submitted sketches.
* On the same line of rumor, at least 2 candidates that are worried about their gowns are said to be preparing a secondary ‘back up’ gown should the designers assigned to them fail to bring a finished gown (or the gown as originally sketched and submitted). There are at least a couple of designers who are notorious in submitting late gowns for the finals or submit gowns that aren’t as per submitted sketch or even with wrong/ terrible fit.

Those juicy insider gossips are a tell-tale of some problems that most pageant fans do not see or know. So I really hope that fans would be a little more cooperative and mindful about the girls. Because if there is something to take away from these rumors, its that being a beauty pageant candidate isn’t that all glamorous…the stress is definitely a killer.


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