Sashes and Scripts’ 1st Cardinal Rule in Pageant Blogging

I have gotten a number of feedback (some of them are quite recent) from fellow Sash Factor colleagues that I don’t look very close or chummy with beauty queens and pageant girls over the years. Well I have a perfectly good explanation for that. What most do not know about me is that I strictly follow a list of 10 Cardinal Rules.
Yes, I have 10 Rules in Pageant Blogging…and while I won’t be talking about them all here in this post I will be discussing at length my Rule #1: Do not Get Too Close for Comfort (a.k.a. Admire from a Distance). This rule applies to any pageant girl, any pageant organization or pageant personality. And I have number of reasons for it.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Bianca Guidotti & Angelia Ong…

1. Objectivity – the last thing I would want to do is to not be able to write objectively about anyone or anything in the pageant industry. When you are friends with a pageant girl or personality, it is quite difficult to make your critique objective. And more than sugar-coating stuff for them, they need honest feedback. I do not aim to please everyone in my reviews and leaderboards. Feelings can get hurt because of my write ups, even if it was unintentional on my part (I learned this the hard painful way).The only way I can look pageant people in the eye is to be objective, neutral and polite in my articles.
2. Professionalism – it doesn’t look professional to get all chummy with any pageant personality… especially when there are fans or people in the pageant industry as witness. I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper and was trained like a journalist. That has shown through my writing style. Journalists are taught not to be emotional when it comes to a story. What people see as detachment is just being keenly observant for me. When I cover pageants I tend to be quiet that is because I don’t want to be distracted with the task at hand. I do not want to look like a giddy fan in the presence of a pageant personality.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Valerie Weigmann and Catharina Choi…

3. Keep the Mystery Alive – when you know all the ins and outs of the pageant industry, it loses its appeal and sense of excitement…more so with people. When you are too close to a beauty queen, you see their personality flaws. Too much exposure to their character flaws may cause you to lose your admiration and even respect for them. That is why I rarely have a lot of beauty queen friends on Facebook. I am very picky that way because I do not want to lose the mystery of it all. When a blogger losses wonder for the thing that he blogs about, that spells doom for his readers. The articles ultimately suffer and become mediocre.
4. Safety – when you are too close for comfort, you tend to know the really nasty insider secrets that isn’t for public consumption. We aren’t talking about the run-off-the-mill cat-fights behind the scenes, we are talking about scandalous and libelous secrets. You get to know terrible behind-closed-door secrets that you are forced to keep and that you cannot blog about. Or you can be accused of spilling secrets even if you have kept your mouth shut. You lose your reputation in the process and pageant people will start to treat you like a pariah.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Kylie Verzosa and Rachel Peters…

It took me 5 years with Sash Factor as a forumer-writer-moderator-to-admin and now blogger, over 2000 articles written, almost 4 years of blogging on 2 different Sashes and Scripts blog sites, countless friendships formed nationally and internationally, before I have started to be recognized by peers in the pageant world… My 10 Rules has kept me away from pitfalls of having my reputation tainted. That is why I’d rather stick to them because they work.


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