Jag Jeans X Binibining Pilipinas: The 12 Standouts

The Jag Jeans videos are all out and we list down the ladies that stood out among the rest of the 40 girls in the competition!

Binibini 1, Vickie Marie Rushton – its the face again that carried the entire video. You could see a little bit of the fierce sexiness coming out but just barely. Photogenic and Telegenic, this Binibini is rising up on everyone’s lists.
Binibini 3,  Muriel Orais – this girl knows how to project on camera and actually looks better in motion. She knows how to use her face to really sell the video. And she moves seamlessly from fierce to sweet to seductive and does that within a hearbeat.

Binibini 7, Sigrid Flores – not quite a surprise because she did give good face in the video.
Binibini 10, Kayesha Chua – channeling her inner Kylie Verzosa in the video (perhaps it was the hair and makeup) and it works for her.
Binibini 11, Aya Abesamis – finally! Been waiting for her to deliver a solid performance and did it here. She is in her element in this video, total standout! Her movements were something I’d expect from a seasoned model. Though she needs to tone down those colored contacts.

Binibini 17, Ahtisa Manalo – another girl that zoomed into the top of the list. This makeup suits her, though not a fan of the overly curly hair that almost covered her lovely face.
Binibini 20, Catriona Gray – of course she also had to nail this one. She is not letting up to her competition. I didn’t think she could pull off the fierce face back in 2016 but boy did she deliver now. I only hoped that she could have created more shapes as she looked a little too linear in the vid.

Binibini 26, Wynonah Buot – the Jennifer Hammond doppelganger worked her angles in the video and did a good job.
Binibini 27, Henna Kaizzelle Nicole “KC” Cajandig – I was surprised with her in my list. Loved the fact that she looks good smiling in the video.
Binibini 32, Eva Patalinjug – registered well in videos although I would have wanted more movement knowing she could dance. Again, it was the face that nailed it for me.

Binibini 35, Sandra Lemonon – that is what I’d call movement! She gave enough of it that she stood out but not to the point that it looks too sexy.
Binibini 38, Karen Gallman – so this is how Kendall Jenner would look like endorsing a jeans brand. I totally forgot that it was Karen because she moves like a seasoned model.

But if I were to rank in my top 5, I would place them as below:
5. Catriona Gray
4. Vickie Rushton
3. Muriel Orais
2. Sandra Lemonon
1. Aya Abesamis


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