Sashes&Scripts’ Thoughts on the New Miss Universe Format

It has been circulating for more than a day that the Miss Universe format would be somewhat similar to that of Miss Intercontinental. Although we have reliable sources that confirmed this news to us, we opted to get more information on the matter before dipping our toes in the pool, so to speak. Being in Las Vegas to watch the rehearsals live and getting to seat alongside national directors in the rehearsals allowed us to get more accurate info on the proceedings.

Earlier I have published an article update on how the top 16 semifinalists are chosen. The top 16 will comprise of 4 girls from North and South America, 4 from the Europe, 4 girls from Africa and Asia-Oceania with the last 4 wildcard girls coming from any of the continents. This new format is met with hesitancy by pageant fans.
And these are my thoughts on it:
* Biggest disadvantage of the new format would be the girls from the Americas (North & South America plus the Caribbean). They have strong representation this year with Canada, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Jamaica, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, & Venezuela. It would be a bloody torture to see some of these strong girls clap behind the stage come finals.

* Biggest advantage of the new format would be Europe because they only have a handful of strong girls (Russia, Spain, Great Britain,  Sweden & Iceland) who performed strongly at the preliminary swimsuit and gown competitions. IMHO in this group, they should have also added Lebanon, Turkey and Israel since they are mostly Caucasian looking and these countries are part of the Mediterranean.
* Aside from the major frontrunners of Asia & Africa (South Africa, Philippines, & Thailand), there are other strong competitors from this group such as Ghana, Tanzania, Mauritius, Cambodia, Indonesia and Korea.
* It would be interesting to see if the wildcards will mainly comprise of girls from Asia and the Americas. Because this is where I believe the girls who are so thirsty to win are grouped.
* I also think that allowing the weakest group more slots into the semis is just a play to make that group get interested more with the Miss Universe pageant. Which I would say not much of a good investment. In my humble opinion, Asia should be afforded a separate grouping since it is Asia that has a growing market for pageants.

You may or may not agree with my thoughts on this matter but I wanna get you thinking more critically. I welcome this new innovation from Miss Universe but I am not much of a fan of how the girls are grouped. I believe there is a much better way to group them much more evenly to level the playing field.

One thought on “Sashes&Scripts’ Thoughts on the New Miss Universe Format”

  1. If they want to make it continental they could’ve awarded 3 slots for south america, 3 slots for north america, 3 slots for Europe, 2 slots for Africa, 4 slots for asia and oceania and 1 fan vote winner.


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