Thailand: The Next “It” Country of the Miss Universe Pageant

With the Philippines nearing the peaking point of its popularity among pageant organizations, Sashes&Scripts is now under the assumption that Thailand would be the next “It” country from Asia.

The Miss Universe Thailand pageant, through its parent org Bangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd. (Channel 7), acquired the rights in 2000 to send a Thai representative to compete at Miss Universe. Despite moving channels  from 20112-14, it has still maintained its prestige at the premier national pageant in Thailand. Thailand has just recently started to have its Miss Universe renaissance and it bodes well for this ASEAN country. It started with Aniporn Chalermburanawong who made it in the top 10 last 2015 in Las Vegas. She was then followed by the top 6 placement of Chalita Suansane during the 2016 edition in Manila. Chalita, who made it into the semis via the online votes, was the highest placement of Thailand in Miss Universe since  Porntip Nakhirankanok won the title back in 1988. This year there are high expectations for the Thai rep Maria Lynn Ehren to crack the top 3 in MU. She did manage to make top 5 showing the steady climb of our Asian neighbor to the top of the Miss Universe list…

As evidenced by the high votes of the Thai reps in MU in the past recent editions, we are quite sure that the MUOrg have noticed this trend. And they should capitalize on that. We are under the assumption that Thailand would be in the list of countries that the MU could convince to hold the pageant once more. Surely a lot of pageant fans would be happy to see the MU back in Thailand after its magnificent hosting of the pageant in 2005. That year was perhaps one of the best set design and stages of the MU pageant in the past two decades. Sashes&Scripts is predicting that the pageant might revisit the Land of Smiles in the next 5 years. Now with rumors that it might happen much sooner, we are quite excited for this development!

Just like how the Philippines had to wait several years for a MU winner while having a string of runner up placements, Thailand for sure will be enjoying placement after placement in MU before securing its 3rd MU crown. I see that with the fan support, every Thai rep will be having traction on the online voting and social media presence. Surely that would help boost their campaign for another Miss Universe title. This is not a question of if, but rather a matter of when


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