PhotoCollage of the Day: Miss Grand Japan 2017

This evening one of these Japanese beauties will be named Miss Grand Japan 2017. Established in 2015, the Miss Grand Japan pageant annually selects the Japanese rep to Miss Grand International. This year, with the theme “Spirit of Japan”, the competition attracted several national finalists who were narrowed down to 8 ladies that will vie for the coveted title tonight.

Arisa Katsumoto
Satomi Matsuda
Miu Takahashi
Aya Kiyota
Yui Morie
Erina Kudo
Ayami Yamamoto
Erika Tsuji

One of the long term goals of the competition is to hold the MGI competition in Japan by 2019. With the 2020 Summer Olympics in the Land of the Rising Sun, the MGJ organization hopes to host the world finals in Japan with the spirit of “hospitality” with the past finalists and sponsors.


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