Arnold Rajan Provido’s National Costume for Mister Planet 2017

After several bumps in the road, Mister Planet Philippines Arnold Rajan Provido is now in Batumi, Georgia for the Mister Planet competition. The competition starts from September 11 until the pageant night on September 17th. 

He will be dressed in designer duds like swimwear from Pegarro by Julius Pegarro Jaguio, as well as formal attires from designers Amir Sali and Edwin Uy. Arnold’s national costume is also designed by Edwin Uy who is known to have made fabulous competition designs that have won best national costume recognition both nationally and internationally. Here is the explanation of Arnold on the national costume design by the designer:
This warrior king costume’s concept is a fusion of some Mindanao tribes. The costume is inspired from the Bagobo tribe of Mindanao and the sarimanok head dress is inspired from the Maranao tribe also from Mindanao.

The 6’0″ tall 19 year-old will be competing against 13 other gents for the title. The pageant will be simultaneously be held with the Miss Planet competition in Georgia.

Photography: Ahleks Fusilero
Grooming: Rye Mendoza
NatCos Designer: Edwin Uy
Shoot Producer: Hep Benitez
Skincare: Doc Charlie Mendez


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