Janela Joy Cuaton: A Woman for the World

Finding a follow-up to Catriona Gray is a tough challenge yet such is the case for Janela Joy Cuaton as she aspires to be the next rep to Miss World. IMHO, Janela would arguably be the best follow up to Catriona simply because she may just be the type of lass that the Miss World might be looking for: pretty, innocent-looking, humble, articulate, pure of heart and approachable. 

Words from her supportive mother below illustrates why she is perhaps the only candidate this year with a strong Beauty with a Purpose Project with her Passion for Fashion project…
Who is Janela Joy Cuaton? She is a 20-year old beautiful soul who hails from the province of Masbate City and Southern Leyte but grew up in Qatar. At a young age of 16, she started her advocacy to help the needy and empower young women. She founded “Fashion meets Passion” wherein she gathered young girls and teens for a workshop that will train them on how to pose and walk like a model, develop self confidence, be a responsible young adult and be the best version of themselves.

Her passion for helping others has led her to join beauty pageants, Miss World Philippines being the most recent. She is eager to join Miss World as this is a way to make her advocacy wider and affect more lives.
1. Fashion meets passion season 1 she was able to feed up to 1200 people and gave 700 school bags, supplies and foods in Saint Bernard Southern Leyte.
2. Fashion meets passion season 2, she went to Asilo de Molo in Iloilo to give love, care and share blessings to our Lolos and Lolas.
3. Fashion meets passion season 3, she went to the National Children’s Hospital in Manila.
4. Fashion meets passion season 4 having recently finished just last month, the beneficiaries will be announce soon.
5. She has also helped many OFWs in Qatar.

She might not be the lady on top of everyone’s list right not but she should be. Janela could possibly be just the right girl to be the country’s rep to Miss World in China this year…


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