Rachel Peters & Maria Lynn Ehren as Miss Universe Roommates?

One of the scenarios I am imagining in Miss Universe this year is having Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and Miss Universe Thailand Maria Lynn Poonlertlarp Ehren as roommmates.

And why not? Both ladies have several things in common. Both are halfies, Rachel being British-Filipina and Maria being Swedish-Thai. Both can speak several languages, English being a common denominator. Both would probably need a king size bed with Rachel being 5’10 and Maria being 5’11”. But most of all, they both have the Thai connection as Rachel also lived in Thailand with her family sometime ago.

I would sense that these commonalities would bond them together and we might see a great friendship blossoming. These two can talk over the blessings and challenges they face being halfies living in Asian countries. But more over, they could debate on who are the more rabid, er rather passionate, pageant fans: Filipinos or Thais… And surely they can share stories of how they are coping with the pressures from their respective pageant fans plus the weight of expectation from their respective countries.
Having them as roommates would really be a treat to their fans. And how can one room contain so much beauty?


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