Should Maureen Wroblewitz Join Beauty Pageants?

With a face that is made to sell beauty products and a good girl attitude, Maureen Wroblewitz endeared herself to fans and supporters alike. Despite the criticism that she is inexperienced, short (she is only 5’6″ tall comparatively short by modeling standards), and only has a good face as a strong point, she managed to score a win at a reality-tv modeling competition.

Even after her win, she is still facing criticisms for it. Granted that she still is inexperienced and still lacks the strong character, she could be molded to a viable commercial model. Yet her eyes still searches for more growth and maturity. This is why I think that she should give pageants a try.
Pageant coaches and pageant training would enhance what is already there. Her potential is enormous but it still needs to be polished. Her youth so far is a weakness in terms of being unexposed to the world, so to speak. The confidence may be there but it does not outwardly show just yet. Personality development is also something that pageant hopefuls would need to go under. She would be developed to speak not just with confidence but with conviction. She would be taught what works best for her skin type, what poses she needs to use to look taller and slimmer, what she needs to amp up and what she needs to minimize. If she is trained in pageants, she would be coached extensively in pasarela. Something that is clearly lacking in the reality-tv competition. She would have to get training on walking and show strength on the ramp. Every stride and every pose or turn would be a tool to showcase her personality. 

This is something that would help mold her better into a confidently beautiful Filipina. Maureen, as I see it, still is raw. Very raw. But if she manages to get a good team surrounding her and train her properly, she would far more be effective not only as a model but also as a future beauty queen…


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