Karen Ibasco Adds to the List of Beauty Queens slash Academic Achievers

Karen Ibasco joins the growing list of smart, articulate academic achievers turned beauty queens this year. This physicist/DOST scholar/university instructor/ academic achiever is perhaps the first scientist to win the Miss Philippines Earth title, not so different with Kara McCullough who won Miss USA earlier this year.
In a post coronation interview she mentioned that she wants to utilize her background to make people aware so that they would care about the environment. The well-spoken lady also believes that the pageant is a great platform to reach out to a wider range of audience to make them understand the science behind climate change. 
Her environmental advocacy is also tied to her profession as a physicist. She understands the dynamics of physics and energy and says that this is why her cause is towards renewable sources of energy in the country. 

Karen has a simplistic beauty that is enhanced by her beautiful mind. A lot may not see that on her right now but this blogger saw it way before people saw her with a crown. Brain and beauty does go hand in hand when it comes to the newly crowned Filipina representative for Miss Earth.


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