Should Mariel Choose between an Acting Career or the Miss International Crown?

Disappointed. That is what I felt when I heard that Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon is starring in a movie opposite Coco Martin for the Metro Manila Film Festival. I thought there goes her shot at the Miss International title… after all, how can someone keep focused on a lofty goal when one is side-tracked by another goal.

However after mulling it over, perhaps she might be able to pull it off like how Charlene Gonzales did back in 1994. The Miss Universe top 6 finalist was able to simultaneously do her duties, train for the pageant and at the same time shoot a movie. So Mariel’s case isn’t the first time this scenario has happened. Just how big is her part in the movie might just define how her preparations would be affected. Hopefully it won’t be a lead part as she would need to do more intensive acting workshops and that could eat up time from her MI preparations.
Mariel in an interview with ABS-CBN said, “Oh no, no, [hindi ko papabayaan ang Miss International]. I have time management. It’s all about time management talaga and scheduling“*. That kind of assurance is what her supporters would need to assuage doubts that she could still pull off at least a decent placement in the Tokyo-based pageant. 

While I still have nagging doubts that she might not do well with her focus split between the two, all I can do is to give her the benefit of the doubt and my support. But in my two cents worth of opinion, something might just have to give way. I am afraid that her task of breaking the Mikimoto curse just became a tad more difficult to overcome. But who knows Mariel might just be able to pull it off. Cautiously optimistic, that is at best what I can describe my thoughts on this matter…at least just for now.



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