Karen Ibasco and the Winners of Miss Philippines Earth 2017!

Opps! I did it again! Yes I have predicted once again the winner for this year’s Miss Philippines Earth pageant.

My favorites to win the title…

This year the top winners/ elemental court of queens are:
Miss Philippines Fire – Nellza Bautista
Miss Philippines Air – Kim de Guzman
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism – Vanessa Mae Castillo
Miss Philippines Water – Jessica Marasigan
Miss Philippines Earth – Karen Ibasco 

It was evident that the evening belonged to her and eventual Miss Philippines Air Kim de Guzman. But it was clear that Karen was bound to be the winner after the final Q&A segment. When asked about what environmental change would they like the government to implement, it was only Karen who was able to give a direct and specific answer to the question. As a matter of fact she consistently nailed the Q&A segments of the competition from the one-on-one closed-door interview, the top 10 “hashtag” interviews during the finals and of course the final Q&A.

Karen is a multi-hyphen achiever being a medical practitioner, a physicist, a teacher and self-confessed fashion and health enthusiast. The 5’7″ Chinita beauty has some facial similarities with Binibining Pilipinas Maja 1993, Marina Benipayo. She will later compete in Miss Earth on November 4th at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

This year one of the biggest changes in the pageant is the removal of the ranking of the elemental court and as such were named randomly during the finals. This means that if in case that Karen wouldn’t be able to compete her reign, any of the four elemental queens could readily take her place. Clearly a move towards the right direction to give equal importance to the elemental queens…
Congratulations to all the winners! 


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