Rachel Peters: Beach Babe and Surfer Girl

If you head over to Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peter’s Instagram feed, you’ll see why this lady is the proverbial ‘Beach Babe’.

Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling… this British-Filipina beauty has probably done it all. This perhaps explains her lovely allover tan and how she keeps her body always beach perfect. Those activities on the sea surely burns enough calories to keep her in tip-top shape! The beaches of Camarines Sure must have given her a reason to love its waters so much.

We haven’t mentioned that she surfs too! In her Tonight with Boy Abunda guesting with Katarina Rodriguez, she mentioned that she can surf better than her brother, Daniel. When she was asked what would she do to impress someone under a minute, she gushes that she would try to surf standing with heels! How’s that for impressive!

Rachel reminds us of another Miss Universe surfer girl, Irene Esser who was also a surfer. Irene even attributed her being a surfer in her Q&A during Miss Universe 2012 where she ended as 2nd runner up. Rachel parallels her a bit with that but is perhaps even more well rounded. Both girls are also tall and leggy. And hopefully she could achieve the same, if not best Irene’s placement in Miss Universe.


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