Sashes&Scripts on the MUOrg & MWOrg Presidents

The Miss Universe and Miss World heads of the organization has said wonderful things about the Philippines…
Julia Morley – The Philippines, my favorite country…
Paula Shugart – The Filipinos are the best pageant fans in the world…

I have seen Filipinas being crowned as MW & MU live. In fact I have been to both finals of the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants to have seen how different the personalities of each organization are. Adding to this is having met and interviewed both respective pageants’ Presidents for Sash Factor, namely Paula Shugart and Julia Morley. A distinction afforded to only a few pageant fans and followers.

The Miss World Organization headed by Julia Morley has managed to redefine itself due to its Beauty with a Purpose program. She had made Miss World relevant through the years via its numerous charitable causes. While it may have dialed down the swimsuit competition in recent years, she has completely put a complete stop to it saying that it is no longer right for the organization. The Miss World that was once launched for bikinis is no more, and has now evolved into a more philanthropic organization.

In the other hand Paula Shugart has been the head honcho in the Miss Universe organization who has continuously capitalized on exploring markets all over the world. And this is quite evident on all the travels that the Miss Universe winners are doing. Aside from supporting AIDS research, the MUOrg has been active in other charitable causes like Operation Smile, Cordaid Fund and Feed the Poor. But it is not without a healthy dose of glamour as the winners also are invited in prestigious events like the Latin Grammy’s, several sporting events and shows during New York Fashion Week.

While both are representing different organizations, these wonderful ladies have one thing in common: that is a fierce dedication to what their pageant stands for and a motherly protectiveness for their winners and their organizations.


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