Mister World Philippines Winners

The Mister World Philippines title is one of the oldest titles in male pageantry in the country. Today’s post is an ode to those that has held on the title since its inception in the 90’s. The international pageant is held every other year except for 2000’s, where it was only held every three years.
Unfortunately for this blogger, we couldn’t find good quality photos of previous winners so we can only give them special mention in this post. They are:
1996 – Christopher Celis
1998 – Rico Lee Miguel
2000 – Roderick Salvador
2003 – Marco Antonia Tamayo
2007 – Emmanuel Mago, 6’3″

2010 – Alvin de Joya, 6’1″

2012 – Andrew Wolff, 6’2″

2014 – John Spainhour, 6’1″

2016 – Sam Ajdani, 6’2″

Interesting to note that before 2012, most of the candidates sent were from competitions. Under Cory Quirino, most of the hunks who held the title were selected from appointments and castings. Under the new national director, would we be seeing a Mister World Philippines competition coming soon?


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