Praewwanit Ruangthong: The Thai DarkHorse

Praewwanit Ruangthong, remember that name because if there was a lady that would give Maria Poonlertlarp Ehren a good fight, it would be her. 

Standing at 5’7 3/4″ (that’s 172cm) this 24 year old hopeful for the Miss Universe Thailand title is one of the most talked about girls this year. She has the same vibes that Chalita Suansane has. While details about her is still scarce, we can a least say that facially she is one of the most lovely girls in this batch. I see the same balance and proportion to her face as I did with Chalita last year. Plus that killer smile!
And guess what? She is pure Thai and absolutely gorgeous! With her in contention for the title, I am now torn between her and Maria. It might boil down between these two ladies in the finals!

I am still keeping out for more ladies that could pull off a surprise in the competition. But for now, I am locked-in with Praew and Maria…
Special shoutout to Nok Thanakon Chindarsi for these photos of Praew.


One thought on “Praewwanit Ruangthong: The Thai DarkHorse”

  1. I really think that Praewwanit will do really well in miss universe pageant.Maria is a very beautiful gal but there will be quite a few of young gals that look like her so that’s why I think Praewwanit would have a better chance to win it all.


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