Nelda Ibe: Global Pilot in the Making

She is branded at the Pilot-Beauty Queen on social media and we can actually that it is with that branding that will put her in distinction above her competition. 

Binibining Pilipinas Nelda Ibe despite her Japanese sounding surname is purely Filipina by blood. A fact that a lot of pageant fans has kep asking during the national finals. But that is just one of the things that make this lady interesting, her being a cadet pilot makes her even more interesting to blog about.
Being a female in a male dominated industry surely makes a good entry in one’s resume, specially now that she is a beauty queen aiming for an international crown. That in itself is a good conversational topic with the judges in the competition.   

Nelda’s body type is the swimmer’s built, this means that she has wide shoulders with narrow hips. With this type of body, she should balance it out with outfits that have cinched waist, pairings of dark tops with lighter bottoms or dresses with flared skirts. With Nelda’s height, she can easily play up her assets, specially if she keeps up with a rigorous gym training to tone her body.
One of Nelda’s best asset is her lovely face, which baffles me why it doesn’t translate well in photos but is clearly visible in videos. I believe it has something to do with her make-up and packaging. A good analysis of her facial features would do her good so that the proper hairstyle is best selected. I believethat a high ponytail would be one of the better looks for her for daily activities. This is the time where a play on the type of makeup that suits her would also be beneficial. I wish that she would try makeup with emphasis on her eyes with strong brows, we already know that she can carry the fierce red lip look nicely.

Expect bigger things from her come time for her to compete. 


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