The Reason why the Miss Universe Pageant Hosting was a No-Go

I wrote yesterday about the rumored Miss Universe hosting not pushing through in Manila. Today, it was finally confirmed by no less than Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo. So What happened? How did it fall apart?

According to a Rappler report, “the pageant will not push through because Solar Entertainment’s Wilson Tieng and other investors advised against it.” Which means that the sponsors had reservations in funding the pageant. It was that simple, no sponsor support means no funding for the pageant. But that was not because there was no budget to go around. It is said that the Marawi incident with terrorist group Maute has something to do with it. The report further stated that, “Wilson [Tieng] advised Sec not to hold the pageant yet, because of the success of Miss Universe last year, [it’s] hard to… hard to get even with. If we can’t hold an event that is at par with 2016’s, if we can’t surpass that, especially now that there’s a Marawi incident, there might be a lot of people who will be offended.” Such sensitivity to the current political situation shows that even investors/ sponsors are self-aware of implications.
There is still a light at the end of the rainbow though, Secretary offers this glimmer of hope: “No Miss Universe this year. Baka (Maybe) next year.”



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