Overlapping Pageant Dates for MU, MW & MS?

Miss Supranational has posted its finals to be held on December 1st, Miss World is said to have its coronation on December 2nd… but with the Miss Universe rumored to have its finals towards the end of November, how will it affect all three pageants?

It will be an interesting thing to see how all three pageants are going to go head to head against each other this comping international pageant season. Here are my thoughts on the matter…

1. Pageant participation for countries with both MU & MW franchises – this is where alliances are tested once again. For sure the main winners of South Africa and Russia owe their allegiance to Miss World and will get to compete there. Their runners up get to compete in Miss Universe. Pageant powerhouse Venezuela would perhaps select or appoint a rep for MW. For the most part of Asia and the Americas, separate pageants are held for the two while castings are common way of selecting reps as well.
2. Explosion over Social Media – this will mean that social media will be dominated by pageant related news and updates. Everyone will be talking about the pageant they follow and the girls that they are supporting. MW will be on a disadvantage though as Facebook and some other social media platforms are barred in China. There might even be a change on the Multimedia challenge because of this. Surely Filipinos are gonna be loyal to the MU pageant and would dominate all social media platforms specially if the pageant is held in the Philippines.

3. Declaration of (Pageant) War – we all know the unspoken rivalry of Miss Supranational and Miss World, and of course the obvious rivalry of Miss Universe vs Miss World. It if happens that their pageant dates overlap, only one pageant will emerge winner in terms of publicity. The MS and MW rivalry is simply due to the proximity of their origins. MS is on the rise in Europe, a territory traditionally held by MW. MU and MW have always had a shaky past as the MUOrg formely held the franchise in the US. In the 90’s the Miss USA 1st runner up is sent to MW. All three pageants are trying to amp up their production and finals with interesting mix up on their formats.
Sure enough, pageant fans will be having to choose between the three pageants. Without difficulty in saying that most will focus on just one pageant and the others will be relegated to secondary priorities. In the end there could only be one.


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