Chanel Olive Thomas: A Ball of Energy for Miss Supranational

Vivacious, energetic, bubbly, fun – those are just several words to describe the half-Pinay Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2017, Chanel Olive Thomas.

The 5’9″ model has a lot on her shoulders following several near misses of the Philippines at the Miss Supranational pageant. After having Mutya Datul win the title in 2013, we haven’t been in the top 5 since. With Chanel’s modeling background, we have high expectations for her to do well in the Polish-based pageant. That bubbly personality of hers will be a lot of help later on as she competes internationally, specially when the pressures of being a Philippine rep will be at its heaviest. Keeping things light will be a blessing.

Back in 2015, when she participated in Miss Philippines Earth she was looking more like a model (she placed Miss Philippines – Air to Angelia Gabrena Ong’s Miss Philippines Earth and eventually became Miss Earth 2015). Nowadays, the beauty queen in her is in full bloom. She looks more self-assured and comfortable being a public personality. Something she shared during her guesting on CNN Philippines regarding being a public persona was this: “I really believe before you enter the pageant, you should already be considering that to happen. From my case, I was already prepared. I was aware that with this, comes great responsibility, and I always, always, always, always, always, always recommend for young girls — wait ‘til you’re a little bit older, when you have lots of experience, you grow up a little, and you know what you want before you enter. Because once you enter, and it’s God’s will, and you win, you have to step up, because you’re not just living for yourself, you’re living for others around you.”

Aside from a more confident outlook, we hope that she polish and strengthen her catwalk skills as this is something that the Miss Supranational seems to prefer. But most of all, she should keep her vivacious personality in the competition as this will separate her from the rest of the girl…


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