Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters Posts a Prayer for Marawi

Rachel Peters is not just beautiful woman but also a lady with a lovely heart.

During the Philippine Independence Day parade, the 5’10” beauty was dressed in Albert Andrada as Inang Bayan for the parade. The reigning MissUniverse Philippines posted a message calling out for a prayer for Marawi on her Instagram account:
Today, as we celebrate our 119th Independence Day, let us honor and remember all the Filipinos who have fought, sacrificed and who have given their all for our country. Let’s also continue to support and pray for our brave soldiers who are fighting to protect our country even today, in Marawi. 💙 As a nation we must work together to provide peace and the strength for each other to achieve the stability in our lives, that we all deserve and strive for. ❤️ I am a proud Filipina and feel so grateful everyday for the opportunity to be representing this beautiful country I call home on the Miss Universe stage soon. 💛 Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Starting next month, Rachel will begin her intensive training for the Miss Universe pageant. With the possibility that it might be held in Manila, she will be leaving no stones unturned for the competition…


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