#MANicMondays: the Candidates of Mister National Universe 2017

Today is the start of the first inaugural Mister National Universe in Thailand. The candidates will be competing for the title from June 6th thru 13th in dual host cities Hua Hin (from June 6th thru 10th) and Bangkok (from June 11th thru 13th). 

Meet the candidates below:
Belarus, Slizevskii Dmitrii 6’0″
Brazil, Daniel Benjamin 6’3″
Cambodia, Kov Keonarine
China, Daniel Sou

France, Thibault Garcia 6’3 1/2″

Ghana, Tijodou Prince 6’2
India, Pankaj Ahlawat 6’0″
Indonesia, Rio Chen 5’11”
Italy, Emanuele Mendoza 5’11”
Laos, Thotsaphone Sitphaxay

Malaysia, Nigelvan Andrew 6’0″
Myanmar, Khon Seng 5′ 11 1/2″
Pakistan, Zeeshaun Naqvi
Panama, Reynier Güete 
Philippines, Renz Lesther Cerezo 5’10”
Russia, Mickey Stotch 6’0″

Sri Lanka, Chat Hura Dilan 6’1″
Thailand, Arthit Merkarkard
Vietnam, Mai Tung Lam 5’10”


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