Gal Gadot Didn’t Want to be Miss Universe

Yes, you heard it right Wonder Woman did not want to become Miss Universe!

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! Gal Gadot revealed that she didn’t want to win Miss Universe back in 2004. At age 18, she was a reluctant beauty queen who competed for the title (which was eventually won by Jennifer Hawkins of Australia). She joined the Miss Israel pageant for experience which she didn’t expect to win. She revealed that she set herself not to win the MU pageant after that. The 5’10” brunnette looked very differently from when she won the Miss Israel pageant. She sported unflattering curls in her stint in Quito, Ecuador where the MU pageant was held.

Gal who is now known for her role in The Fast & Furious franchise , recently starred in her own super heroine movie Wonder Woman (which I definitely recommend you to watch). She was first introduced in that role in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, where she stole every scene she was in. She is set to star in several more movies wearing the Wonder Woman costume…

Can’t wait what’s next for this beauty queen turned actress…


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