ThrowbackThursdays: Scott Grossman, Choreographer to the Universe

Preliminary show producer, Head choreographer, department leader, staging director, music coordinator… those are just a number of hats that former Miss Universe choreographer Scott Grossman has put on during his stint with the Miss Universe organization.

If you are scratching your head what is the opening dance number on the movie ‘Miss Congeniality’ doing in this post, well you’ll be surprised to know that Scott choreographed it. Not only that he has worked in several films like Princess Diaries, Just My Luck and Raising Helen. But before that he worked in various capacities with the Miss Universe organization for 20 years (1987 – 2007). Most notable of his work is his lasting legacy of choreographing the numerous opening numbers and production of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants.

Miss Universe 1997 Brooke Mahaelani Lee has this to say of him: Scott Grossman is a prolific choreographer,and always brings something fresh and innovative to what ever stage he is given, wether it be a rehearsal hall or a concert arena. And most importantly when I worked with him at the Miss Universe Organization, he always knew instinctively how to work with women from all different cultures, languages and talent levels and brought the best out of everyone of them for the pageants…it was fantastic to watch and a privilege to be associated with him.

While he no longer works with the pageant (he has since put up his own company, Mandon – Grossman Productions), we all remember him as the good looking guy who assists in crowning the Miss Universe winners.
All this nostalgia with Scott bring about a curious question on this blogger: Do you think it’s high time to bring back the opening dance number in Miss Universe?


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