Miss Universe 2017 in Manila: Becoming Closer to Reality!

Yes, you heard it right. The Miss Universe 2017 in Manila is closer to reality now as Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo revealed that the pageant is to be held tentatively this coming November pending approval of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It will be in November. We’re still considering if it’s a go or no-go. There are many factors that we have to consider, although we started asking for sponsors. We got lots of yes from sponsors, they’re willing”, she says in an interview with Pinky Webb on CNN Philippines’ The Source.
She also reveals that the Miss Universe President (Paula Shugart) is coming to Manila come June 7 or 8 to discuss or even possibly finalize the deal. The MUOrg offered the Philippines to host the pageant once again due to the longevity of buzz the pageant revealed on social media even weeks after the pageant was finished.

It is rumored that the pageant is to be held around November 27th of this year. However this might pose some schedule conflicts as the country is to host the ASEAN Summit on November 13 to 14 in Pampanga. It is most likely that if the hosting pushes thru, the finals may be moved to 1st week of December.


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