Mariel De Leon on Reproductive Health Issues

Being outspoken has never been an issue with Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon. And she continues to be as outspoken on her views as she has voiced concerns on the TRO (temporary restraining order) on other contraceptives other than condoms. 

Below are a series of tweets on her Twitter account, @mariaangelicadl, posted last May 17th:
“TRO on contraceptives. Birth control pills are slowly going away. What will you do when they’re all gone? Let’s take our bodies back.” 
“What about women with PCOS, acne, severe dysmenorrhea, irregular period, etc.?”
“What about our freedom of choice when it comes to family planning? What about women’s health?”
“You’re not “pro life” if you deprive women of something that’s good for our health and our future.”

She has further written about this Reproductive Health issue in a article and illustrated further her points on the issue:
The dialogue on reproductive health and contraceptives relates to so many local social issues. It affects poverty, population control, and health as well. And in order to properly address these issues, it all stems down to proper education.
If people were properly educated and given facts about the uses and effects of the different contraceptives made available to us, people would be smarter with the choices they make and responsible for not only their own lives, but the lives of others as well. With that, people shouldn’t see contraceptives as the enemy here, if anything they should see it as more of a solution to these problems.
In fact, I know many women who use birth control pills as more than a contraceptive. They use it to help deal with the effects of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), hormonal imbalance, dysmenorrhea, and even acne. There’s also the case for teen pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, childbirth complications, and abortions—all preventable situations thanks to birth control.

Reproductive Health has always been an issue in the Philippines where education on this matter is largely unavailable to most. Unfortunately the Philippines suffers from backward thinking religious dogmas that prevents having choices on sex, reproduction and health. The rise of HIV-AIDS cases, STDs, unwanted pregnancies, population explosion, etc… are all tied up with the lack of education on reproductive health as well as lack of healthy contraceptive choices.
Mariel, shedding light to an important issue that has impact on women’s health and population control is admirable. Having a voice and using it is even more so. What makes it the more potent is now she has a bigger platform so that more people could listen.



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