Achintya Nilsen: the Presumptive Miss World

I have long pondered and postponed this blogpost in fears that some fellow Filipinos wouldn’t be as open-minded with this topic as some are. However, I am very likely to presume that Miss Indonesia Achintya Nilsen is currently the top favorite coming into Miss World 2017.

Indonesia has currently been enjoying favorably good finishes in Miss World, thank generally to its national director Liliana Tanoesoedibjo who has been selecting pretty, obedient, talented and brainy girls for the world finals. It has enjoyed a couple of 3rd place finishes and a string of semifinal placements in the past several years. But Achintya herself can be able to manage a win on her own merits.

Young at age 18, the 5’9″ Achintya is nicknamed Tya and owes her Caucasian good looks to her Balinese-Norwegian ancestry. She speaks Norwegian and English fluently which has becoming a major asset in pageants these days as most winners automatically become spokespersons of the pageant organization. She plays the marimba and is an active athlete playing soccer, tennis and volleyball. Both of which she can use for the Talent and the Sports fast-track in Miss World.

With the good image that Indonesia is having at Miss World, we can assume that Tya is in the front of the pack running currently alongside with the lovely Demi leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa. It would be really interesting to see come December who is gonna reign supreme.


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