The Most Coveted Special Award in Binibining Pilipinas

If there is one special award that could almost guarantee you a title in Binibining Pilipinas, that would be the Best in Swimsuit. In fact from the year 1990 to 1997, 2000-01, 2004-06, all winners of this award went on to win the most coveted title among the crowns at stake, Binibining Pilipinas Universe. 

Notable winners of the award were Dindi Gallardo, Charlene Gonzalez, Aileen ‘Leng’ Damiles, Abbygale Williamson Arenas, Nina Ricci Alagao and Maricar Balagtas to name a few. The last recipient of the award in the 2000’s who went on to win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title was Bianca Manalo in 2009. 
Since then the Best in Swimsuit title has been awarded to several girls who went on to get crowns in coronation night in their respective years (in the exception of Queneerich Rehman in 2011).

During the turn of the decade, the lucky ladies who had had the special award are as follows:
2010 – Krista Kleiner 
2011 – Queneerich Rehman
2012 – Nicole Schmitz
2013 – Ariella Arida
2014 – Mary Jean Lastimosa
2015 – Janicel Lubina
2016 – Joanna Eden
2017 – Rachel Peters

So in the next Binibining Pilipinas edition, take note on who is gonna win the Best in Swimsuit award. She might as well be one of the six new titleholders of the pageant!


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