What You Don’t See during the Miss Universe Telecast Pt.3

This is the third and final installment of this series. In this part, we are gonna show you the things that happen during the announcement of the top 5 (or top 6) onwards.

After the top 5 are announced, they stay on the stage throughout the final moments of the pageant. The only time they go backstage again is when they are to do the final look. At this time, water is served to them while onstage. Lu Sierra would go up the stage several times throughout the broadcast to keep the girls motivated and with high energy.

Just noticing the same acrylic podium used during the top 5 Q&A. It is in this part that the interaction between the host and the girls are no longer scripted. Whatever adlibs the hosts says during the interaction with the girls are not included in the teleprompter.

One common noticeable blocking onstage is that in the past three pageants the interpreters are at the left side of the stage. This is where they enter and exit, while the guys with the headsets are always positioned at the right side of the stage (which was the same in the Doral, Las Vegas and Manila editions).

This is the portion before the final look of the top 5 in Miss Universe 2014. This is perhaps the only time that the top 5 will be brought backstage after almost 15-30 minutes onstage from the time they are called among the finalists to the time they answer questions onstage.

What most people don’t see is that when the top three are already called and positioned in front of the stage to do the final question, stagehands in suits are already waiting with headphones at the side of the stage. Also, when there is only the top 2 left onstage they will be asked to move closer to the front & center of the stage for the announcement of the winner…

There is a common myth that whoever has her hands on top when holding hands among the final 2 is going to the winner. This is not always the case as this may be true for Paulina Vega but not for Iris Mittenaere. Iris had her hands at the bottom of Raquel, Miss Haiti, who ended up as 1st runner up…

Gabriela Isler is the last outgoing MU to crown her successor from behind. Starting with Paulina Vega, the outgoing Miss Universe has crowned their successors from the side (just check how Paulina passed her crown to Pia)…

Within an hour of her coronation, the new Miss Universe are whisked to the press room where the media are ready to ask questions to the new winner. During the time of Pia Wurtzbach, she was asked tough questions ranging from the crowning controversy, political questions (on China vs the Philippines’ claim on disputed waters), etc… which she handled like a pro.
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