What You Don’t See during the Miss Universe Telecast Pt.2

This is a continuation of the behind the scenes peek at what you don’t see being done during the Miss Universe telecast. Everything is planned and executed like clockwork so that no major glitches would happen during the live broadcast.

In between break and taped videos being shown, the stagehands are doing set changes during the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in Doral, Miami. The equipment are being checked so that the performers would not have any gaffe during the show.

Stagehands are also helping with the blocking of the girls onstage prior to the evening gown competition of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant at the Mall of Asia Arena.

While the people on-stage are busy prepping, photographers and their assistants are busy selecting and editing photos of the 2015 swimsuit competition for posting at the Miss Universe media site. This site is where media and press people from around the world are able to get photos directly to be used on their outlets. This site is not accessible to the public.

The video above shows you how fluid the cameras move and panning in-and-out. During the rehearsals, the choreography is practiced countless of times to have a seamless switch from one camera to another.

One of the reasons why the camera work is almost flawless in the Miss Universe pageant is because of the two-man team per camera. Each pairs are strategically located at certain areas of the stage/ near the stage to man the angles and shots at all times. It is also rehearsed which camera will go live and are on alert.

During the Miss Universe in Doral, before the top 5 are announced, the special awards are given to the lucky recipients. While the girls are lined up onstage, we can’t help but notice some unguarded moments…

Before the top 5 are announced the top 10 girls are being lined up and retouched onstage. After the evening gown segment, the girls will barely leave the stage until the final look.

The third and final part coming tomorrow!


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