What You Don’t See during the Miss Universe Telecast Pt.1

In today’s #PhotoCollageoftheDay post I will try to accompany you through the Miss Universe pageant through photographs of things that you do not see during the live telecast. This is a peek at the things that you only see watching the pageant live and up close…

While the opening video is being shown, the girls are prepped and lined up on-stage. They are given last minute instructions by stage-hands on which camera/s will go live, which floor manager to look at for cues on blocking, etc…
All dialogues (and yes, even jokes) are scripted and are seen on the teleprompter. So when a host is left speechless, it means that its not on-script or rehearsed.
While the pageant is on-going, an on-site soc-med officer updates Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts of the MUOrg.
Here is the cutie Charlie Puth moments before the swimsuit competition goes live… Note that the camera is already positioned to focus on him.
When Dominican Republic dropped her sarong onstage, a stage-hand dressed in full black picks it up while Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach is doing her pasarela.
While Aniporn is walking onstage during the Miss Universe 2015 finals, you can see how fluid the camera-work is from the camera-man onstage to the one on the floor. This choreography with the cameramen are practiced even during the rehearsals.
During the commercial break, before the next set of eliminations, Lu Sierra would give encouraging words to the girls and would help try to pump up their energies. Anyone who needs water or some makeup or hair retouches are fixed up before going back on live.

Part 2 coming up shortly…


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