Mister Global 2017 Winners!

Sashes&Scripts almost got a perfect four for the top five in the Mister Global 2017 competition! I was able to predict correctly the winner Brazil and the exact placement of Chile… had I switched my placements for Vietnam and England, I would have predicted their placements exactly as well and the addition of South Africa who was my 6th place!  Plus an overall 12 out of the 16 semifinalist. How’s that for accuracy?

Here is the list of the winners:
Mister Global 2017 is BRAZIL, Pedro Gicca
1st runner-up: SOUTH AFRICA, Gerrie Havenga
2nd runner-up: ENGLAND, Christopher Bramell
3rd runner-up: CHILE, Fabián Vera
4th runner-up: VIETNAM, Thuận Nguyễn

Sashes&Scripts’ Prediction is most accurate in this year’s Mister Global 2017 pageant!

Top 10, Alphabetically:
India, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand 

Top 16, Alphabetically:
Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines
CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!!


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