Miss Universe 2017: Australia Vs. the Philippines

By now you have heard the rumor circulating about the hosting of the Miss Universe 2017 in Manila. You also have heard months ago that Australia has placed a bit to host the pageant this year as well. And here in Sash Factor we ask: If you are the Miss Universe Organization which country would you want to host your pageant… A rich developed country where pageant following is almost unexistent? Or a developing country where the biggest fan support is located?
That might not be too hard a question to answer but that is something that the MUOrg has to consider nowadays.

Rumor has it that several days ago, the Department of Tourism office was abuzz with the news that Secretary Wanda Teo has announced the hosting of the pageant for the second straight year in Manila. This was perhaps one of the reasons why almost a week ago, USec. Kat de Castro posted a cryptic message on her social media accounts which sent gossipers into a speculative mood. It is said that if it pushes through, some of the venues that is to be covered by MU activities would include Bicol and General Santos.
On the other side of the coin is Australia’s bid to host. Some naysayers had said early on that the pageant hosting might be difficult to push through due to the disinterest of Australians in pageantry. Some of the insider gossips that came to our attention is the difficulty of coming up with sponsors and budget for the event.

While I may have personal reservations on hosting the pageant again in the Philippines this year, I can understand why MUOrg keeps coming back. After all, Miss Universe is More Fun in the Philippines


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