My Faves for Mister Global 2017

For the Thai-based male competition, they haven’t had a winner from Latin America since it’s inception. So it might be the first time that a Latino could bring home the title to Latin America with Brazil’s Pedro Gicca. Giving him a close fight for the title is Czech Republic’s Tomas Dvorak, who is gunning for a back-to-back win for his country. His win might not be most likely to happen as it might just be too early for a back-to-back victory in this young male pageant. Vietnam’s Thuan Nguyen is also a very strong competitor and might just snatch the title from the two.
Here’s Sashes&Scripts complete list of faves for the Mister Global 2017 title.

1. BRAZIL – Pedro Henrique Gicca
2. CZECH REPUBLIC – Tomáš Dvořák
3. VIETNAM – Thuận Nguyễn
4. CHILE Fabián Esteban Vera Abello
5. ENGLAND Christopher Joseph Bramell
6. SOUTH AFRICA Gerrie Havenga
7. KOREA Sujae Yoo
8. MYANMAR Paing Soe Htun
9. PUERTO RICO Joshua Rojas Rivera
10. IRAQ Ezzulddin Mohammed Naser
11. INDIA Srikant Dwivedi
12. BANGLADESH Naseef Rahman
Also within my list of the top 15 are the guys from Thailand, Latvia and the Philippines. They could very well be the darkhorses in the competition who could do major damage in the finals if they make the first cut.


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