Miriam Quiambao’s Miss Universe Proportions

Today’s #ThrowbackThursdays slash PhotoCollage of the day post is an homage to Miss Universe 1999 1st runner up, Miriam Quiambao. 

Rumor has it that the 5’8″ lass was the favored girl to win the competition by MUOrg. It is even said that she closely resembles the Miss Universe logo with her body proportions.
In these photocollages, Miriam shows her divine body/ bone structure. Thin and very modelesque. It was no wonder that she was 2nd overall during the finals night swimsuit competition despite not wearing a two piece swimsuit. Her lovely body is also well styled in these photos below when she trained in Venezuela under the Osmel Sousa’s team of pageant experts. 

Since then, we haven’t seen a Filipina with her reed thin modelesque proportions (although Venus Raj comes close) that looks like the MU logo. Hopefully when we do find one, we could send her to the Miss Universe pageant…


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