My Miss USA 2017 Review: Notes on the Production

This year was not a particularly spectacular show. And for the first time in several years, I was left feeling that something was missing in the telecast.

RUSHED. That is how I would describe this year’s competition. It’s the same feeling as if you have a taxi waiting for you and you have to get through a three-hour program as fast as you could or pay the surcharges. In the exception of Michael Jackson One’s opening performance everything else felt too fast paced and it started right during the opening when the girls were shooed unto the stage.

Yep, no intro of the girls this year and they look like sheep being lead to pasture onstage. I wish they put back the contestant introductions next time. The swimsuit competition was so fast that the camera work was a bit off…like the cameraman didn’t know who/where to focus on. And poor girls, they seem to have been cut down from a 12 second exposure to a 3-5 second pasarela. I wonder, how were the judges able to score them properly in that short window frame.
Same goes during the evening gown where Brett Eldredge seems to only have a just a couple of minutes onstage. And this vein continues even during the final look of the top three girls where they each have a collective exposure of like 16 seconds? And was it just me or did anyone else felt a misfit with Pittbull for the final look? I thought he would be a better fit for the swimsuit segment as his songs have energy to keep the crowd going during that segment.

So here is what I’d like to suggest:
1. Bring back the candidate introductions where they say their names, age and profession, hometown & state. The rest of the girls that didn’t make top 10 looked like set decorations with such a rushed treatment on their tv exposure.
2. Have a theme for the opening in terms of color/material/embellishment so that the girls would look great on-stage. Having different swimsuits is okay as every girl has a different body type but for the opening number, it would look good to have a theme.
3. Reduce the videos being played and do an actual proper interview for the semifinalists. The one question being asked during the announcement of the semifinalists is too short and shallow to really get to know the girls better.
4. Instead of a top 10 do a top 12 semifinalists. It felt like the pageant cut down the semis to only 10 girls because they wanted to save airtime and filled it instead with pre-taped videos (which for pageant fans, it’s been viewed several times already).
5. Give ample time for the music performances to really be enjoyed by the audiences like the pageant used to. Gold standard is still the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, though it did go overboard with the allotted airtime.
6. We really need to see more of the girls competing with their SS & EG performances or we can see the risk of having the pageant looking like it already had a predetermined winner. That is the art of showmanship. Pageant fans want to see the girls in their pasarela to see who really trained hard and performed well.

Overall it was a 6 out of a possible perfect 10 for this year’s production. There is much to be desired from the pacing that the pageant went in the snap of the fingers without anything memorable that sticks to our minds about the girls’ performances except for the interviews.  I just hope that the rushed feeling of the pageant wouldn’t translate to the Miss Universe pageant this year.



2 thoughts on “My Miss USA 2017 Review: Notes on the Production”

  1. First let me say that DC deserved to win. I was biased for Miss NJ, and while she was fantastic, DC just came alive during the competition and certainly ran with it.

    Usually Miss USA is a much funner broadcast and tends to focus on spontaneity more so than Miss Universe but this year they mirrored each other. The parade of states was ridiculously rushed and the lack of intros made it seem silly. The competing in groups is annoying. It makes no sense. It distracts from each individual presentation. Finally- worst of all, the bloated pre taped packages need to go. They give zero insight in to the personalities of the girls and are as tedious as the video packages that ruin Olympic coverage. They need to go old school and bring back the interview segment. Back in the day it was an exceptional way at getting the girls to be casual and forthcoming. Bob Barker (despite his tendency to highlight his personal favorites) was good at fostering the spontaneity. The whole themed packaged video nonsense is definitely an IMG thing. They want themes and stories which is good but the videos do little to foster that. Hopefully they will get back to basics. The last two Universe and USA pageants have been slogs to sit through and that’s unfortunate. These pageants have lost their way productionwise but, unlike the Trump era, the final results make sense and have been pretty on point – so at least that’s improved and at the end of the day chosing the best winner is what it’s all about.


    1. Nice insights there… I agree with your points as they mirror mine. I hope that the next editions would allow us to see and hear more on the girls onstage than those pre-taped videos… this is still a competition fer cryin’ out loud..lols


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