My Miss USA 2017 Review: The Non-Inclusions

At the back of my head I had that nagging thought that the facially strong girls would be left frozen at the back with the changes being seen in the MUOrg and that indeed materialized with several fan favorites missing the semis.

Despite being my favorites, I had a feeling that North Carolina’s Katie Coble and Pennsylvania’s Cassandra Angst might miss the cut if Miss USA is just gunning for a top 10. And I was right as they were the first casualties of the first cut. Katie had the face of a Victoria’s Secret angel and she resembles Rosie Huntington quite a bit mixed with a little dash of Helena Christensen. I believe that she probably made the cut if there were 12 or 15 girls in the semis this year. Pennsylvania’s Cassandra, for me at least, is the most stunning girl facial-wise in this year’s batch. I had a feeling that the behind the scenes might have done something for her not to have made the cut or perhaps her weak pasarela. Nevertheless, these two girls would have made a difference in the competition had they entered the semi-finalists.
Nevada’s Lauren York was also a missed the first cut, but hers was not a surprise for this blogger. For some weird reason, I really never saw her as a major contender for the title compared to the likes of Megan Gordon, India Williams, Meridith Gould or even Allee-Sutton Hethcoat. Perhaps it was because I found her resume not as strong as the other girls I mentioned. I thought that there were stronger girls than her in the competition which was the reflected during the finals. The biggest shocker for me was the non-inclusion of Utah’s Baylee Jensen who was a Communications Major with a dual Minor in Sociology and Criminology. Not to mention that her mom Gretchen Polhemus was a former Miss USA herself. I thought Baylee had something to add to the table specially with her background as a dancer, athlete and most importantly her background in criminology.

“Substance over Surface” that seemed to have been the order of business to make it into the semis. That was perhaps the reason why these lovely ladies missed the top 10…


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