Beauty Queen Moms: Mam Sol Arevalo-Pigon Cuaton to Janela Joy

Being a mother and living outside of the country while raising a family is by any circumstance an easy task. That is one of the most remarkable things that Ma’am Sol Arevalo-Pigon Cuaton has achieved. She not only raised a lovely daughter, she also raised a beauty queen who gave honor to the country by placing as 1st Runner Up in the 2016 Miss Tourism Metropolitan International.

In our exclusive chat with her, Mam Sol revealed in very sincere words the changes she has observed from her daughter Janela: from winning Mutya ng Pilipinas in 2015 to competing in Miss Tourism Metropolitan International last November 2016. 
As a mother, the most significant change I noticed when my daughter became a beauty queen is that she has learned to accept her weaknesses and imperfections, develop and fully maximize her strength and assets. She became the best version of herself. She truly has transformed into a very fine, still sweet [young lady] but full of aspiration and hopes for a better future.
I guess the most difficult part of being the mother of a beauty queen is when you hear or see negative and below-the-belt comments about your precious daughter. I can endure the physical and financial aspects (of joining a beauty pageant) but not to the extent of [witnessing people] hurting my daughter’s feelings. I saw how hard she tried to give her best and I guess nobody deserves to be bashed or bullied.
The best advise I can give to all the lovely and loving mothers out there is to let their child be who they wanna be. Let them grow in your love and support but never dictate them, just guide them till they reach their hopes and dreams. If they love what they are doing, for sure they will succeed and be grateful. In the end our heart is the most powerful weapon that we have. When we put our heart in everything that we do then will never go wrong…we will never go down but always up…Remember the love we give our children today will be the love we will receive when we get old.

I still fondly remember one of our earlier conversations this year. She asked my opinion on should Janela join Binibining Pilipinas 2017, to which I said: She should join twice. First to gain the experience and see how the BBP game is played and on her second to nail a crown after she had completed her degree and gained a bigger world view. I could only presume that her guidance led Janela to focus on school this coming August. 
With such a mother’s love and guidance, I would be expecting to see Janela Joy become a future Binibining Pilipinas winner in some years to come. Such is the power of belief and support coming from a mother…


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