Beauty Queen Moms: Ms. Raquel Verzosa on Kylie

It’s Mothers’ Day today for the most part of the world (although here in Indonesia we celebrate it during December). And today it is my hope that everyone would celebrate this day with some wisdom and comforting words from our beloved beauty queen moms.
When I reached out to Ma’am Raquel Verzosa (who is also a beauty queen herself being a former Bb. Pilipinas alum) for a feature, I was surprised with the wealth of wisdom in her words. Here is what she had exclusively shared to Sashes&Scripts on being a mom to Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa and the advise she gives to other mothers who have daughters aspiring to be beauty queens.

Mothers generally love their children all the same. At home, they have the same treatment, regardless of what they have achieved in life.
Being the mom of Kylie, our Ms. International, nothing much changed at home. She still gets picked on by the other siblings and gets reprimanded by us when necessary. Kylie remains a jolly person with a bubbly personality at home.
However, since Kylie has become a celebrity and a public figure, this has put some restrictions in some ways. We have to choose where to go to think of her safety as well. When we go out as a family, she has to stop to welcome requests for photos, which at times takes time, hence, family members have to wait as well.
She also needs to be assisted and accompanied in some special events especially during her talks regarding her advocacy. Her Dad and I make sure that she feels that she is not alone in helping others, and that we are supportive of her engagements especially with the Mental Health Awareness Advocacy.
Kylie has significantly changed in many aspects. She has become more welcoming of other people. (She used to be a more private person in the past.) She has become more understanding and more mature for her age as she believes that she carries in her heart a responsibility addressing many vital issues that benefit the majority in an international scene.
I would like to believe that Kylie was destined to be someone significant in the world, and with this, I have prepared myself (as well as the rest of the family) for anything that can happen.
She is relatively new to the industry so when she feels the need, she does not hesitate to seek help. She is open to us about her engagements and her Dad and I give her the advice and support that she needs.
Another challenge for me, as a mother, is when people can be so rude and brutal and senseless with their remarks in social media. No matter how hard I try to disregard these, at times, no mother can stand the ruthless remarks. So, I would go back to the advice of other family members and Kylie herself, i.e., not to read or dwell on negativity.
My advice to mothers who wish to embark in the same journey…
*At times, it may not be our choice but our daughter’s. We should be supportive of their dreams and give as much support as we can.
The support that they need requires more than love and understanding. This endeavor requires even our time and finances.
Remember that beauty queens are not born, they become the product of love, passion, dedication, hardwork and perseverance. They should not be content with what others provide in terms of practices, trainings and learnings. Their daughters must go out of their way to learn more, thus, this entails more time, effort and expenses too. Believe it or not, this is part of the so-called preparation.
Lastly, I want to share to all mothers that every child is beautiful, deserving of our love and support, beauty queen or not…
Happy Mother’s Day ❤❤❤

Such words are not only beautiful but rings very true. 


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