Once Upon a Blind Item: The High Priestess and the Sentinels of Power

Once upon a time there lived an Immortal High Priestess who was entrusted by the Greek gods to maintain the balance of the four celestial bodies: the sun through the fire stone, the moon through the ice crystal, the earth through the rock of gold and the stars through the fine powdery stardust. Each possess immense in power are too much to handle by one person alone, and despite being immortal the priestess could not handle the power all by herself. So she devised a plan of having a King, a Scholar, a Merchant and a Virgin Kouros handle three of the mystic stones of power. Together, they came to be known as the Sentinels of Power and balance. To avoid jealousy and bickering among her chosen sentinels, the High Priestess devised a cycle of rotation. Each sentinel is to possess one mystic stone in one sun cycle.

Balance was kept in the realm through the cycle of rotating the mystic stones’ bearer. No two stone was held by a sentinel in one rotation, which was never happened as it upsets the balance of the realm. The heavens, the stars, the moon and the earth had its place in the sun. But that balance was upset during the time of the blue sun cycle. The blue sun cycle was a period of abundance for the realm, but it also is the time when the Immortal Priestess is at her weakest. In her weakness, the stardust and the fire stone came to the possession of the Sentinel King. But there is a reason why the Priestess never allowed one sentinel to hold two mystic stones at once, the power is so immense that it was addicting. The gods bestowed the mystic stones of power to the Priestess as a test of will for she was a descendant of Pandora the first woman who unleashed the ills of the world to humanity. Disruption to the balance of power would unleash the same calamity and this was the reason why the Priestess devised the cycle of mystic stone rotation.
The Sentinel King was immediately corrupted by the power of the two stones for it brought out all the darkness from within. Digging through the King’s nightmares and greed, the stones were a deadly combination that would bring the realm to its knees. Delirious in greed and mad for power, the once loyal Sentinel King devised a plan to permanently hold the mystic stone in his possession. He enlisted the help of Hades, the god of wealth and riches to plead to the Queen on the Gods, Hera, to allow him full possession of the most powerful of the mystic stones. This deception did not escape the Immortal Priestess and sought an audience with the gods and humbled herself that if such is their will, then she asked to be release from all burdens from the four mystic stones. Pity and with compassion for the High Priestess, the gods of Olympus allowed her to have full control of the mystic stones once again restoring her to full strength.
Renewed and restored, the High Priestess removed the most mystic stones from the Sentinel King. She restored back the balance to the realm and kept it from falling into crumble. The High Priestess, in a show of compassion to the Sentinel King, allowed him to carry over his duties as a Sentinel of Power. But the Immortal High Priestess would always have an eye at the back of her head to watch out for daggers that might come from her back.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…


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