Once Upon a Blind Item: The Wimp Who Would be Queen

Once upon a time there lived a village wimp who was ambitious as she was ruthless. Even during her humble beginnings, the village wimp had the liking of exaggerating her minute accomplishments to which a vast majority of her villagers are easily fooled. The village wimp grew in fame and ego that of which she believes that were merely accomplishments of her alone. One fateful day the village wimp came to meet and tame a forest spirit which allowed the village wimp to use itself as a mule to carry the wimp around. The majestic forest spirit , towering with power, is the alpha of her troop. So if the forest spirit welcomes the wimp and allows her to ride her back, none of the other gorillas could be defiant.

Drunk with such power, the village wimp believed she can trample anyone on her path. Then came one unfortunate day when one simpleton irked the proud ambitious wimp and suffered the wrath of her ilk. The poor simpleton retreated to himself badly beaten to tend to his own wounds. The village wimp did the same to one simpleton after another until an army of begrudged villagers surrounded her. So it was that the ambitious wimp would go on unchallenged and haughty and proud. Then came one day when the village chieftain (or chieftess in this instance) is to retire to live in the realm of the shamans. Naturally she chose an heir to her seat, so the symbol of power of the village, the chieftess’ staff, was passed on to the ambitious wimp. However, little does everyone know that when the chieftess turned over her staff to the new chieftain, it was with a curse that the chieftess herself could not remove from her village. A wicked witch cast a spell on the staff that as long as her tribute is not paid in full, the village will see famine in its future. Such curse has landed their village isolated from the rest of the kingdom. No one could reach the village to trade, less and less merchants could reach the village. Harvests that were once bountiful came scarce.
Soon the simpletons and then villagers were leaving en masse leaving the village behind. With little support, the village is expected to shrink and wither. It is not known what would come to the village but a bleak future is expected. For as the curse on the staff of power is not lifted by the one who cast it, the curse remains… the only hope of the village is to have the wicked witch fall to the gates of the goddess Hela or to give the spellcaster her just tribute.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…


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