Once Upon a Blind Item: A Lady and the Eight Princes

Once upon a time there lived a granddaughter of a wealthy Duke. The lovely granddaughter was blessed with beauty beyond praise and a silver tongue that could only speak of truth and honesty. These gifts of hers would bring her mostly good fortune upon blossoming as a young lady. Petite, pretty and princess-like the young lady continued to be admired in their village for the beauty she brings and the blessings bestowed by the reigning royal family to the Duke. She lived a blessed life being born into privilege and status.

Then one day she heard of eight travelling brothers, all princes from the royal family, looking for brides in their kingdom. Each of the six princes bore with them a different jewel to be gifted as engagement gifts for their chosen bride: a diamond as large as grown man’s fist for the eldest prince, a large pearl that glows brighter than the moon for the second prince, a blue sapphire that puts the seas into shame with its color for the third prince, a white crystal that is light as air for the fourth brother, a red ruby that changes color for the fifth prince, a rare yellow colored emerald for the sixth prince, and a golden egg for each of the seventh and eighth youngest princes. Each of them has travelled the breadth and scope of the land together in search for a bride of their own choosing.
Upon seeing the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter, the fourth prince was smitten and taken by the beauty and honesty the lady posses. He gave his crystal to the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter in hopes that she would reciprocate his adoration. The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was all smiles upon accepting the prince’s engagement gift. All was well as the entire kingdom rejoiced and celebrated the announcement of the wedding engagements of all eight princes. Alas such happiness was not to live long as upon hearing the gifts that the other princes bore for their chosen brides, the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter mused that her gift was far less in value than those of the other brides… and that she would like to rescind her gift.
Upon learning of her intention, the prince was in an uproar as how could a maiden of fair upbringing and status rescind a gift that bore his heart and soul? His seven brothers were also taken aback and appalled with such mindless behavior from the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter. So the royal family sent an emissary to the wealthy Duke demanding an explanation. The Duke was shamed for his granddaughter’s tactlessness and he in turn reprimanded his kin to placate the prince through his emissary. The granddaughter argued that she was being honest to herself that she may not be happy with the prince in a marriage that would bind her for life. The Duke then warned his granddaughter of wrath that the royal family could bestow their family and their village should she not accept the engagement. They may no longer bear the royal coat of arms in any trade they have with other kingdoms should the royal family remove from them their blessings. This will abode ill for their village and will drive out all other lovely maidens and their families out to other neighboring villages where the wrath of the royal family would not reach them.
The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was reprimanded heavily and was reminded that every action has a consequence and that a pebble she drops in a pond creates ripples through the water. It is with a heavy heart that the Duke’s granddaughter has to honor back the engagement and to live the loveless marriage through. She has to put a charade every day of her life showing a happy and contented bride for the world to see… a sad end to one who once lived her life in beauty and honesty.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…


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