Once Upon a Blind Item: The Girl of Smoke and Incense

Once upon a time in a distant land, there was a Queen of a small kingdom who wanted to earn favours from the empire’s ruling Empress. The Queen offered tributes to the Empress as a show of wealth and obedience, naturally the Empress rewarded the Queen for her tributes by giving her tributary titles to the Queen’s handmaidens… these handmaidens were made honorary princesses for showing extraordinary obedience and submission to authority.

Then one day a lass from a far-off village was handpicked as the Queen’s new handmaiden much to the confusion of the peoples in the land. Walls started to talk and even bees started buzzing. The Handmaiden though having roots in the small kingdom wasn’t recognized to be from the village she was said to be from. Villagers from the Queen’s kingdom had hastily propagated news about the handmaiden not knowing their native tongue but bits and pieces of their proud culture. The village chieftain even spoke that the handmaiden was not a native of their village nor she ever lived there. The chieftain proudly tattled that he never heard of a selection of a handmaiden from their village.
Naturally, this was to the chagrin of other kingdoms royalties as the Empress of the empire is said to have favored the Queen and her handmaidens. With jealousy ablaze, a war may be brewing just because the Handmaiden made of smoke and incense.


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