10 Things You Have to Give Up When You Are a Beauty Queen

Every girl dreams to become a princess or a beauty queen, but not all of them know the hardships and sacrifice they all have to bear to make their pageant dreams a reality. Their biggest misconception is that when you become a beauty queen, people will accept you flaws and all, that people would go out of their way to please you. That couldn’t be any farther from the truth. In fact, when you become a beauty queen, you are bound to give up more on the personal basis than the prizes and accolades you receive.
Here is a list of the top 10 things you would have to give up when you want to be a beauty queen.

1. No Make-up Face – as a beauty queen, you are expected to always look at your best. So whether you like it or not, you have to do your hair and make up everyday to look presentable specially during public appearances.
2. Sneakers –  it’s heel for you everyday and the only time you are allowed to wear sneakers/ training shoes is when you’re at the gym. Every other occasion requires you to wear those towering stilettos.
3. Food (or rather the pigging out part) – the discipline not to give in to food cravings is a test of a beauty queen. She has to maintain a certain image and despite the body positivism going out there you have to remember that there is still the beauty of face & body that is judged in pageants.
4. Smoking and Beer – if word gets out that you smoke 10 packs of cigarettes a day or that you drink beer like a fish, be prepared to loose those fans before you can even say ‘pageant’! In some cases it may even cause loosing endorsements. So you have to learn how to keep your vices under wraps and out of public eye.

5. Anonymity – expect that you can’t walk the malls and other public places without getting noticed and you better be prepared for unending requests for photos/selfies. You need to have patience to deal with the fans even during your down time. Turning fans down rudely will wreak havoc on your reputation because fans nowadays have to power to make or break you.
6. Privacy – you have to learn to know what to share and not to share in your social media accounts as they can be used for or against you. You need to understand that just like giving up on your anonymity, you are expected to be courteous to everyone even during your private moments.
7. Dependence on Others – being a beauty queen is a test of one’s independence and mental maturity. You don’t wait others to serve you when you become one as you will be required to be punctual on all appointments on your own. No more Mommy telling you to get up in the morning or daddy letting you know that the curfew is at 10pm. You have to self-regulate and discipline yourself not to party until 3am if you have a 7am appointment.

8. No more Princess Treatments – you are a queen so act like one. Ever wonder why the Queen has more moves than any other piece in chess? That’s because she needs to get the work done by herself. So you have to be mature to do your responsibilities. Yes, the job has perks but it comes with lots and lots of hardwork behind the scenes.
9. Your Job – if you are a high-earning professional expect to give that up as you are required by your contract to focus on your title. This means that you have to live within the monthly stipend provided by the org. So if you are used to earning 6-figure per one freelance job, you better get used to receiving a 5-figure (in the low denominations) monthly salary instead. You need to understand as well that any brand endorsements booked thru the org, well honey the org gets a cut from it, so don’t go ranting about not getting the full amount. There will always be a percentage allotted to the org as you are under contract with them.
10. Liberty to Choose Jobs/ Appearances – everything has to go through the pageant org for review. You cannot accept any jobs without the organization’s/ national director’s consent. If you do, that would be a breach of contract and would comprise of a penalty or a dethronement. Also you cannot be picky on the jobs that are booked for you. Even if you hate going to the slums but if you are paid for a public appearance there, then you have to fulfill that job.

We have known several insider stories when crowned beauty queens have been difficult to work with by the pageant organizers… horror stories of getting drunk in public, being unorganized and messy, getting into fights with the mediamen, uncontrollable party monsters, beauconeras that are difficult to work with, girls who are perennially late in their public engagements, even some that used their title to ‘marry rich’… both local and international queens. So it would be good to remind these girls if these sacrifices are worth the titles that they so aspire. If not, better let those who are ready to face the duties and responsibilities alongside the sacrifices be the ones to join pageants.


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