The Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Review Pt2

This is the second and final part of my review of the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

The Telecast – to be honest, it was neither exceptional nor it was atrocious. It was just okay and  it still has areas of improvement. I was just a bit on the fence regarding the ‘no online updates’ policy that was imposed this year by ABSCBN. Though I understand their reasons, it would have been an additional income generator for them had they made a “pay per view livestreaming” of the coronation night. In terms of production, I didn’t see any major flaws as it looked decent overall.
I am just listing some pet peeves that I noticed on the production: 1) the unnecessary audience shot when the girls are doing their pasarela, hope this is removed in the future and should be reserved during the opening dance while girls are changing tableaus or formations on stage or when panning towards the stage as the pageant comes back from commercials, 2) Daniel Padilla’s amazing singing (note on the sarcasm there), this is the first time I saw someone lipsynching without exerting effort to make it look like he is actually singing, 3) the special awards, do they really have to include the sponsors’ head honcho on the awarding? They take too much airtime, having their names flashed onscreen should be enough. More so, the flashing of their brands during the telecast should have been adequate exposure.

Xian Lim has vastly improved in his hosting skills as compared to the first time that he acted as host of the pageant several years back. He has matured immensely with his hosting skills. Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach did quite well as a host and provided additional pageant glamour to the event. Together they delivered well as a pair though they lacked the rapport we once saw with Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic when they hosted the Miss Universe 2012 pageant.
Another point observed by those in the actual venue is the somewhat subdued  atmosphere in the stadium compared to the 2014 or 2015 editions. While we could not gauge that on the tv screens, it can be noted that there were more vacant seats this year as compared to previous years. It is no wonder that I knew several people who still were giving out tickets the day of the finals night.

The Stage – I have a hard time appreciating initially the stage this year. I felt that we had seen something like this before, it reminded me of the circular props of BBP Gold. Not that it was bad or anything, it’s just that it could have broken out of the box and offered something new for pageant fans to enjoy. The saving grace of the stage however is its ability to put those on stage to the forefront instead of taking over the entire visual of the spectacle. It didn’t overpower the eyes so I give the stage a higher than average score for that.

The Musical Performers – I have already mentioned several months back during the 65th Miss Universe pageant that I wanted Sia’s “Move Your Body” as a possible music wishlist. That came true during the Bb. Pilipinas coronation night’s opening dance. I believe that overall, this year’s music soundtrack was just okay. The trio singing of R&B Prince, Jay R, Daryl Ong and Jason Dy was a good follow-up to the opening sequence only to be let down with Daniel Padilla’s singing (I see he was trying to look suave but it ended up otherwise).

The Winners – In one of my last posts before the Bb. Pilipinas coronation night, I named two ladies that I am practically torn for the Miss Universe Philippines title…and I was right to name them as Rachel Louise Peters became MUP for 2017 and Charmaine Elima ended up with the 1st runner up title. Then my only crown contender for the Bb. Pilipinas International title was Mariel de Leon who won that exact same title! Among my final list of crown contenders and crown spoilers, 7 out of 13 went on to comprise the winners circle. Only Kristel Guelos was out of my radar!

Now let’s talk about the individual winners:
Kristel Guelos2nd Runner up, she was the true underdog from the very beginning of the competition. Nobody saw her coming and it was refreshing to say that she did perform consistently throughout the evening. I see promise on this lady, I just think that a better styling would have made her stand out much better.
Charmaine Elima1st Runner up, her runner up placement is deemed low by her fans but it was IMHO a better placement than being given a minor title. It seemed as if she was ‘reserved’ as a runner up than to be sent to a lesser pageant. At age 24, she still has time to do a comeback if she chooses. I would hate to think that such a universal face would be wasted…

Nelda IbeBb. Pilipinas Globe, I have a hard time thinking if this is the best possible title for Nelda. Perhaps it would have been better if she got the Intercontinental title who seems to favor taller girls. Nevertheless Nelda can bank on the guidance she can get from fellow KF sister and Miss Globe 3rd runner up, Nichole Manalo.
Katarina RodriguezBb. Pilipinas Intercontinental, personally Katarina would have been a great match for Miss International or even Bb. Pilipinas Grand. She would have made a killing in the Thai-based pageant however she can be trained to conform to what the German-based pageant looks from a winner.
Elizabeth ClenciBb. Pilipinas Grand, she looks like Parul Shah in some angles and she has the same gift of gab like Nicole Cordoves. I have high hopes that at least a runner up finish will be in the works for her in Miss Grand International. 
* If I had my way, I would have Nelda for Intercon, Katarina for Grand and Elizabeth for Globe that is if we are to place them strategically within their strengths. However I believe that the judges and BPCI might have seen something on each of the girls that warranted their placements.

Chanel Olive ThomasBb. Pilipinas Supranational, seems like she is tailor-fit in what the Polish pageant is looking for: lovely with a strong ramp skills. Never-mind that her evening gown presentation was subpar, I chalk that to her gown that seems to need a little less hem length. 
Mariel de LeonBb. Pilipinas International, I believe she is best suited for this title from the moment she was rumored to join BBP. Several of my insiders recently have told me that she was eyeing the Miss International title all along. I have high hopes that she could break the Mikimoto curse and could possible end with a top 3 finish in Tokyo later this year.
Rachel PetersMiss Universe Philippines, she was the complete package in this year’s batch. For most pageant fans she was not considered a frontrunner but for me she was. I always knew that she was a heavy contender for Miss Universe Philippines and I was not mistaken.
While there are those who are still divided by the results of the pageant,  I urge Filipino pageant fans to unite in supporting the new queens. It will be our country that they will be representing in the international arena when the international pageant season comes. I also encourage everyone to be kind to those that did not end up in the lucky 8 winners’ circle. Each of the girls did their best and that is more than what we can ask from them.  


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