In Defense of Sirene Sutton

I feel the need to defend Binibini 13 Sirene Sutton from hecklers and bashers alike. After freezing during the Binibining Pilipinas question and answer portion, I felt that everyone has to collectively find kindness towards her. After all it is not easy going forward and stepping/ facing a national audience to be judged publicly.

It was painful to see Sirene getting unnerved by the question. How do you balance familial duty with your sense of freedom and independence? And the question hits Sirene the most, being one who had issues with who her father is (as per the ABSCBN primer). I believe that the question hits a nerve on a personal level. How would you take care of a parent who you never knew? I believe that is what was going in her head that time. That was quite difficult, I would assume, for her.

Understanding is a common word that is rarely understood by most. And that is what I would encourage everyone to have for Sirene. Her answer was imperfect but I believe there is more depth in her we can uncover. Hopefully, this experience wouldn’t scare her off the Binibining Pilipinas stage…


2 thoughts on “In Defense of Sirene Sutton”

  1. Siren Sutton is one of my favorite candidates together with Rachel Peter and candidate 22. During the interview portion Sirene is a look-a-like of Angelina Jollie. Its sad that she froze during the Q&A. Join again Siren and I’m sure that next year you are more ready and relax.


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