Is the Miss Universe Philippines Between Charmaine Elima & Rachel Peters?

As the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 competition has progressed, I am seeing only two girls with massive Miss Universe potential that could possibly clinch the most coveted title of Miss Universe Philippines 2017: Charmaine Elima and Rachel Peters. What is the more interesting is that these two ladies have different strengths that they can use to their advantages.

Charmaine undoubtedly has a universal face that could give the Latinas and Europeans a run for their money. High cheek bones, small button nose, refined jawline on a swan-like neck; qualities that are universal benchmarks of what is considered beautiful. Most people would have difficulty guessing her nationality with just one look. Beauty-wise, the lady from Binangonan has the pure Filipina quality that pageant fans are clamoring for a possible MU contender. Charmaine also has a strong fanbase online with her Elimazonas comprising of several key fans from the Pianatics group.

Rachel on the other hand has the Miss Universe body written all over her as her proportions are similar to those of Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler. This gal can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the tall girls in the “P group” in MU too. She has legs that goes on for days and days. Her British-Filipina mix brings an aristocratic air to this mestiza beauty that could connect the Eurasian market.
They hardly have similar physical qualities but both of them are transformable and fit the mold that the Miss Universe org might be looking for a winner: strong, natural, feminine and has universal appeal. It is also worth mentioning that both ladies are conversant in English and that I have confidence in their communication skills.

Add to it is the fact that insiders seem to think that both ladies are the flagbearers of their respective camps.
It is going to be interesting as these two ladies are going to pit the two biggest beauty camps once more for the top crown. The competition between these two amazing ladies is gonna bring the Kagandahang Flores and Aces & Queens camp rivalry into surface once again.
While these two might be my picks as the last two slugging it out for the top crown, fair warning comes as a darkhorse named Sirene Sutton can spoil it all and come out just from under their noses.


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